Clevis Choker Hook KSRV G10

General: Allows an easy hanging and taking out of the chain. Designed to prevent the chain from slipping out. Only for pulling.
Material: High duty grade 10.
Working temperature: -40ºC up to +380°C.
Marking: Pewag or PW, winner or 10, H16, CE, batch code and type.
Finish: Blue powder coated.
Safety factor: 4:1.
Standard: EN 1677-1
Art NoCodeTension forcedesWeight
11.1417008KSRV 5/63.2507,44380,22
11.1417009KSRV 74.500958100,32
11.1417010KSRV 86.0001059100,38
11.1417011KSRV 108.50012,581120,76
Clevis Choker Hook KSRV G10