Clevis Shackles KSCHW G10

General: KSCHW Clevis shackles are designed for the assembling of chain slings. They are used as end fittings or suspension elements in chain slings.
Directly attached to the chain. Allows direct connection with other components such as spreader beams.
Material: High duty grade 10.
Working temperature: -40ºC up to +380°C.
Marking: Pewag or PW, winner or 10, H16, CE, batch code and type.
Finish: Orange powder coated.
Safety factor: 4:1.
Standard: EN 1677-1
Art NoWLLCodeee1badcd1Weight
11.39496211,9KSCHW 776542612931160,49
11.39213572,5KSCHW 8765426121031160,49
11.39213584KSCHW 1010576321612,539200,95
11.39213596,7KSCHW 131137742211650241,89
Clevis Shackles KSCHW G10