Clevis Shortening Hook KVS G8

General: Clevis for securing and shortening chains. Also for forming slings that must not tighten.
Material: High duty grade 8.
Working temperature: -40ºC up to +380°C.
Marking: 8, PW and/or Pewag and/or H16.
Finish: Red powder coated.
Safety factor: 4:1.

Notice: Does not correspond to grade 10.

Warning instruction:
Only load inside chain.
Only using with safetyy device
Make sure that the chain fits properly.
Standard: EN 1677-1
Art NoWLLCodeebdWeight
11.27206961,12KVS 6453670,27
11.27206971,5KVS 7584490,50
11.27206982KVS 85844100,50
11.27206993,15KVS 107055130,80
11.27207005,3KVS 139070161,53
Clevis Shortening Hook KVS G8