Grab Hook PW Grade 10

General: Thanks to the special design of the chain contact area, this standard shortening hook ensures optimal interaction between chain and hook. Even when shortened, the load capacity is not reduced.
Material: High duty grade 10.
Working temperature: -40ºC up to +380°C.
Marking: Pewag or PW, winner or 10, H16, CE, batch code and type.
Finish: Orange powder coated.
Safety factor: 4:1.
Standard: EN 1677-1
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Art NoWLLCodeebd1d2gWeight
11.21502141,0PW 5474011970,13
11.21502291,4PW 6504412970,15
11.21502472,5PW 7/86557161290,37
11.21502374PW 1077712014120,70
11.21502426,7PW 13101922619151,56
11.215024310PW 161211133223192,90
11.216082016PW 19/201511503627256,15
11.216082119PW 221701654231278,30
11.217080926,5PW 2620119550373213,80
11.218871040PW 3224324260433825,00
Grab Hook PW Grade 10