Swivel Safety Hook WLHW Grade 10

General: WLHW Swivel safety hooks are designed for the assembly of chain slings.
Standard type must not be swiveled when loaded. Available with bearing to rotate when loaded (WLHBW).
Material: High duty grade 10.
Maximum working temperature: 380°C.
Marking: Pewag or PW, winner or 10, H16, CE, batch code and type.
Finish: Orange powder coated.
Safety factor: 4.

Note: Not for welded system.
Standard: EN 1677-1
Art NoWLLCodeehaww1d2gs maxWeight
11.16453051,4WLHW 5/616120173536122810,6
11.16657532,5WLHW 7/818126203535133411,1
11.16657494WLHW 1021830294140164512,0
11.16657506,7WLHW 132694035494720521,54,0
11.166575110WLHW 1631950416060246026,8
Swivel Safety Hook WLHW Grade 10