Grab Hook PWP Grade 12 - Eye

General: Application for shortening of chain and chain slings that must not tighten.
Material: Alloy steel grade 12.
Working temperature: -60ºC up to +300ºC.
Marking: Pewag or PW, winner pro or 12, H16, CE, batch code and type.
Finish: Light blue powdercoated.
Safety factor: 4:1.

WARNING! Not to be heat-treated.
Standard: EN 1677-1

Art No
Art NoWLLCodeLWidthTFBWeight
11.228800711.22880073PWP 7/868631811100,51
11.228800911.22880095PWP 1088812214131,04
11.228801111.22880118PWP 131101032618172,19
Grab Hook PWP Grade 12 - Eye