Lifting Eye PLBW G10

General: Screwable, 360° rotatable lifting point. The load ring is 180° movable and can be positioned at any required angle due to its replaceable and patented spring. Likewise interchangeable is the hexagon-special screw of grade 10.9 material, which is secured against loss.
The screw is 100% crack-tested as well as covered with a chromate VI-free protection against corrosion. It can be tightened with a hexagon wrench or spanner wrench.

pewag winner profilift beta is available with metric or UNC-thread, whereas the lifting points with metric thread are also obtainable with customized thread lengths.
Material: Alloy steel grade 10.
Marking: WLL, thread size and an individual serial number.
Finish: Painted.
Safety factor: 5:1.

Løfteøje PLBW pewag winner profilift beta
Art NoArt NoWLLCodeThreadabcefghnn max.



11.421422911.42142290,3PLBW 0,3 tM82956303818279413808150,32
11.421423011.42142300,6PLBW 0,6 tM1029563038182794151008150,33
11.421423611.42142361PLBW 1 tM1229563038182794171808150,34
11.421423111.42142311,3PLBW 1,3 tM144379455525381382222010241,03
11.421423211.42142321,6PLBW 1,6 tM164379455525381382426010241,04
11.421423711.42142372PLBW 2 tM184379455525381382729510241,07
11.421418811.42141882,5PLBW 2,5 tM204379455525381383033510241,08
11.421423811.42142383PLBW 3 tM2264118688538582093335514363,50
11.421423911.42142394PLBW 4 tM2464118688538582093635514363,53
11.421424011.42142405PLBW 5 tM2764118688538582094035514363,58
11.421424111.42142416,3PLBW 6,3 tM3064118688538582094535514363,66
11.421424211.42142428PLBW 8 tM33106188108132609133154328195514,50
11.421423311.421423310PLBW 10 tM36106188108132609133159328195514,60
11.421423411.421423412,5PLBW 12,5 tM42106188108132609133169328195514,90
11.421423511.421423515PLBW 15 tM48106188108132609133174328195515,20
Attention: Subject to technical changes.

Permissible usage
Load capacity acc. to the inspection certificate respectively table of WLL in the mentioned directions of pull – see picture 1 and 2.
Non permissible usage
Make sure when choosing the assembly that improper load can not arise e.g. if:
- The direction of pull is obstructed.
- Direction of pull is not in the foreseen area (see picture 3).
- Loading ring rests against edges or load (picture 4).
The load ring must be placed in the direction of pull before loading – do not turn under load.

To calculate the necessary thread length (L):
L= H + S + K + X

H = Material height
S = Thickness of the washer
K = Height of the nut (depending on the thread size of the screw)
X = Excess length of the screw (twofold pitch of the screw)
L max. = n max.

pewag provides, along with the standard and maximum thread lengths, specially customised thread lengths.
Supplied customised and maxium thread lengths include a washer and a crack-tested, corrosion-proofed screw nut.

Method of lifting











Number of legs1122223+43+423+4
Angle of inclination90°90°0°-45°45°-60°0°-45°45°-60°asymm.asymm.
CodeThreadFastening torqueLoad capacity
PLBW 0,3 tM860,50,310,60,40,30,64,50,30,3
PLBW 0,6 tM101010,621,20,80,61,390,60,6
PLBW 1 tM12151,312,621,412,11,511
PLBW 1,3 tM143021,342,61,81,32,71,91,31,3
PLBW 1,6 tM16502,51,653,22,21,63,42,41,61,6
PLBW 2 tM187032642,824,2322
PLBW 2,5 tM201003,52,5753,52,55,33,72,52,5
PLBW 3 tM221204,53964,236,34,533
PLBW 4 tM241605,541185,648,4


PLBW 5 tM272006,5513107510,57,555
PLBW 6,3 tM3025076,31412,68,86,313,29,46,36,3
PLBW 8 tM3327098181611816,51288
PLBW 10 TM3632011102220141021151010
PLBW 12,5 TM4240013,512,5272517,512,526,318,712,512,5
PLBW 15 TM486001615323021153222,51515
Løfteøje PLBW pewag winner profilift beta