Lifting Eye PLDW

General: Ball-bearing 360° under load rotatable lifting point. High resistant lifting eye 180° movable. The special screws are 100% crack-tested as well as protected against corrosion. The table with the load capacities depending on the method of lifting as lifting gear, number of legs and angle of inclination is a part of the user manual and packed together with each lifting point.
Material: Alloy steel grade 10.
Marking: WLL, thread size and an individual serial number.
Finish: Painted.
Safety factor: 4:1.

Note: Also available in special length (SL) and maximum lenght (MAXL) as well.

Lifting Eye PLDW MAXL
Art No

WLL (straight lift)

CodeThreadabcØ dØ enn max


11.42917420,6PLDW M8M8303854133820100340,45
11.42917431,2PLDW M10M10303854133820180340,45
11.42917441,8PLDW M12M12354854133822200340,48
11.42917452,4PLDW M14M14354854133822200340,49
11.42917462,8PLDW M16M16354854133833250340,51
11.42917475PLDW M20M20355575165533250751,10
11.42917487PLDW M24M24406682176340300751,50
11.429174910PLDW M30M30507092237240300752,60
11.429175012,5PLDW M36M365091124239255300464,30
11.429175116PLDW M42M426591124279260300955,10
11.4232116616PLDW M45M456591124279268300955,20
11.429175216PLDW M48M4865116124279268300505,40
11.423217028PLDW M56M567010515433110843006010,2
11.423217328PLDW M64M647010515433110963007511
11.427470160PLDW M72M72901302134517011050014529
11.427472660PLDW M80M80901302134517012050014530

Permissible usage
Load capacity acc. to the inspection certificate respectively table of WLL in the mentioned directions of pull (see picture 1).
Non permissible usage
Make sure when choosing the assembly that improper load can not arise e.g. if:
- The direction of pull is obstructed
- Direction of pull is not in the foreseen area (see picture 2)
- Loading ring rests against edges or load

To calculate the necessary thread length (L):
L = H + S + K + X

H = Material height
S = Thickness of the washer
K = Height of the nut (depending on the thread size of the screw)
X = Excess length of the screw (twofold pitch of the screw)
L max. = n max.

Method of lifting











Number of legs1122223+43+423+4
Angle of inclination90°90°0°-45°45°-60°0°-45°45°-60°asymm.asymm.
CodeThreadFastening torqueLoad capacity
PLDW M8M8100,60,31,20,60,40,30,60,40,30,3
PLDW M10M10101,20,52,410,70,510,750,50,5
PLDW M12M12151,80,73,61,40,950,71,410,70,7
PLDW M14M14252,414,821,412,11,511
PLDW M16M16302,81,55,632,11,53,12,11,51,5
PLDW M20M208052,51053,52,55,33,52,52,5
PLDW M24M24150741485,548,4644
PLDW M30M30230106,720128,4612,6966
PLDW M36M3645012,58251611,2816,81288
PLDW M42M4260016103220141021151010
PLDW M45M456001612322416,91225,4181212
PLDW M48M486001612,5322517,512,526,21812,512,5
PLDW M56M568002824564833,92450,9362424
PLDW M64M648002825565035,3255337,52525
PLDW M72M72120060401208056,54084,8604040
PLDW M80M80140060451209063,64595,467,54545
Lifting Eye PLDW MAXL