Lifting Eye Theipa Point - F Grade 10

General: The eyes can be loaded with working load limit in all directions. All the eyes are pivoted to avoid breakage in the eyes, which also make it possible to fold it aside when it is not in use. Furthermore it has a ball beared sviwel which makes the lifting eye to always stand in the correct direction to the load.
The advantages:
- The stamped WLL applies to the kind of attachment by 90°.
- Bolts of the quality class 10.9 crack-tested are permitted as connecting elements.
- Different threaded versions and lengths can be supplied on request.
Material: Eye and swivel of alloy steel grade 10.
Marking: WLL.
Finish: Painted.
Safety factor: 4:1.
Art NoWLL straight liftCodeThread version d x eTightening torquePitchaØ bgSW width across flatstLinkWeight
tonsmmNmDIn 13mmØ x t1 x b1ikg
11.4203818000001,4TP-F 0,5M 12x1515-401,754536,573346613x55x320,61
11.4203818010002,8TP-F 1M 16x2045-13025236,580347313x55x320,65
11.4203818020005TP-F 1,7M 20x25100-1702,56652106469516x70x341,5
11.4203818040008TP-F 2,1M 24x30190-280380571205010818x85x452,15
11.42038180600012TP-F 3,2M 30x40230-4003,594701486513120x85x453,7
11.42038180800015TP-F 5M 36x45270-6004107801647514523x115x65,75

Load diagram

Kind of attachment







Number of legs112223+43+4
Angle of inclination90°90°0°-45°45°-60°0°-45°45°-60°
CodeLoad capacity
TP-F 0,51,40,52,81,00,70,51,00,75
TP-F 12,81,05,62,01,41,02,121,5
TP-F 1,7 5,01,710,03,42,41,73,552,5
TP-F 2,18,02,116,04,02,82,14,253,15
TP-F 3,212,03,224,06,44,253,156,74,75
TP-F 515,05,030,010,06,75,010,07,5
In case of an unsymmetrical load distribution, the lifting capacities applicable to the 2- and 3-/4-leg slings are the same as for 1-leg types at 90°.
Svirveløjebolt Theipa Point F klasse 10