Wire Pulley Block, type SB

General: Pulleys for rope deflection for side mounting.
Material: Welded side holder material S355J2, surface galvanized.
Rope pulley made of material S355J2, surface galvanized.
Grooved profile turned to DIN 15061.
Art NoTypeWire ØMax. loadDRabefghkWeight
10.35SB50SB 502-60,055081153095-9,517380,40
10.35SB75SB 753-80,10751014030120-1121420,71
10.35SB100SB 1004-90,151001217540145-1122471,21
10.35SB125SB 1256-100,251251420060170301125532,20
10.35SB150SB 1508-120,501501623060200301326532,97
Wire Pulley Block, type SB