Wire Pulley Wheel, type BR

General: Pulley blocks for rope deflection with plain bearing, with honed steel axle.
Material: Cast block made of gray cast iron GG20, painted.
Rope pulley made of material S355J2, surface galvanized.
Grooved profile turned to DIN 15061.
Art NoTypeMax. loadWire ØDRabcdefhgWeight
10.35BR50BR 050 G0,302-65086567673850503570,6
10.35BR75BR 075 G0,603-875107575106060605091,4
10.35BR100BR 100 G0,904-91001290901080707065122,5
10.35BR125BR 125 G1,106-1012514929210


10.35BR150BR 150 G1,258-121501612010012126907590144,8
Wire Pulley Wheel, type BR