Wire Pulley Wheel, type SR

General: Rope pulleys in maintenance-free design for manual and power operation.
Material: Rope pulleys made of material S355J2, surface galvanized.
Grooved profile turned to DIN 15061.
Art NoTypeMax. loadWire ØDdabRWeight
10.35SR50SR 050 G0,12-65010381680,1
10.35SR75SR 075 G0,23-875125920100,3
10.35SR100SR 100 G0,34-9100168025120,6
10.35SR125SR 125 G0,56-101251610325140,9
10.35SR150SR 150 G0,758-121502012625161,4
10.35SR200SR 200 G1,56-102003016638-4,5
10.35SR250SR 250 G210-122504021341-7,9
10,35SR300SR 300 G412-163005025762-12,8
Wire Pulley Wheel, type SR