Closed Wedge Socket CWS

General: Intended for attaching of wire rope where switching often occur, e.g. blocks of mobilecranes, or to be able to adjust the length of the wire rope. See recommended assembly to get correct results. The wedge socket is delivered complete.
Material: Cast alloy steel with high mechanical properties.
Marking house and wedge: Wire ø mm.
Finish: Blue painted or hot dip galvanized.

Note: The efficiency of a 6 and 8 strand wire rope/wedge socket connection is 80% of the minimum breaking load of the wire but limited to the minimum breaking load of the socket (MBL).

Important: Follow the fitting instructions for the wire clamps, see technical information.

Art NoCodeMBLFor wire øABCKTATLWeight
10.20CWS303GALCWS 3034018-192201003440902547
10.20CWS304GALCWS 3045520-2222522542471102679
10.20CWS305GALCWS 3057524-26290130505512534014
10.20CWS306GALCWS 3069027-29325145607015238522
10.20CWS307GALCWS 30711030-32360160687516542830
10.20CWS308GALCWS 30812534-36400180687516546838
10.20CWS309GALCWS 30915037-39500240728018557249
10.20CWS310GALCWS 31017040-42600310809021068065
10.20CWS311GALCWS 31122543-4864032590100225730100
10.20CWS312GALCWS 31228049-52720375100110245820150
10.20CWS313GALCWS 31336054-58775400110120265885175
10.20CWS314GALCWS 31442561-649004701201302901.020230
10.20CWS315GALCWS 31546072-761.0005001301503301.130300
10.20CWS316GALCWS 31662581-861.1255501351653601.260425
Lukket, galv. kilewirelås CWS