Open wedge socket with pin

General: With the open wedge socket with pin from De Haan, a wire can be attached with a temporary connection. By tightening the wedge-wire combination in the cone, the connection is secured. If the wedge-wire combination is pushed back to loosen the connection, the end of the wire can be reeved. The connection can be fixed by pulling on the wedge-wire construction again. All open wedge sockets come with a pin or a bolt. Non-standard sizes or custom products available on request.
ISO 3189.
Material: Cast steel
Finish: Painted or galvanized
Working Load Limit: 20% of MBL
Temperature: -40 up to +200 degrees Celsius
Safety factor: 5:1
Standard certification: Certificate of Conformity, 3.1 material Certificate EN 10204.

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Art. NoArt. NoModelMBLrope diarope diaABCDEweight
GalvanizedPainted RAL 5013 bluetonsmminchmmmmmmmmmmkg
10.21OWS06PGAL10.21OWS06PP610027-291 1/831013057572521,1
10.21OWS07PGAL10.21OWS07PP711030-331 1/435014663632832,8
10.21OWS08PGAL10.21OWS08PP812534-361 3/840014869632839,3
10.21OWS09PGAL10.21OWS09PP915037-401 1/245016076703052,5
10.21OWS10PGAL10.21OWS10PP1020041-431 5/850017476763367,5
10.21OWS11PGAL10.21OWS11PP1126044-481 3/4 - 1 7/855020089893998,2
10.21OWS13PGAL10.21OWS13PP13360562 1/466025011310853178,4
10.21OWS14PGAL10.21OWS14PP14450632 1/284027012712160281
10.21OWS16PGAL10.21OWS16PP1662581-863 1/4 - 3 3/8110030015914079610