General: Trigger sets for LHW, KLHW and WLH(B)W safety hooks consist of a high-strength safety lever, a spring made from rust-proof spring steel and a retaining pin. The sets come with auxiliary material to facilitate assembly as well as detailed assembly instructions to make sure that your safety standards leave nothing to be desired.
  • Grade: 10
Safety latch for hooks
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Art No Code For hook type CAD
11.16PEW49247 VLHW 5/6 G10 LHW 5/6, KLHW 5/6, WLH(B)W 6
11.16PEW49248 VLHW 7/8 G10 LHW 7/8, KLHW 7, KLHW 8, WLH(B)W 7/8
11.16PEW49249 VLHW 10 G10 LHW 10, KLHW 10, WLH(B)W 10
11.16PEW49250 VLHW 13 G10 LHW 13, KLHW 13, WLH(B)W 13
11.16PEW49251 VLHW 16 G10 LHW 16, KLHW 16, WLH(B)W 16
11.16PEW67121 VLHW 19/20/22/26 G10 LHW 19/20, LHW 22, KLHW 19/20, KLHW 22, KLHW 26

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