General: This type of lifting beam is designed as a folding crossbeam. The lifting beam is designed with one pullout per arm allowing the attachment points to be adjusted in the length/width. A 4-part sling must be used between the lifting beam and the crane hook. Other lengths and working loads can be manufactured upon request.
Design: Lightweight welded beam construction providing good torsional stiffness.
Proof load: Usually 1,5 x WLL.

  • Material: Beam and plate of high-strength structural steel.
  • Marking: Working load limit (WLL), CE marking, manufacturer, serial number, year of manufacturing, etc.
  • Finish: Yellow painted. Other treatments available on request.
  • Note: Top sling, separate slings and other accessories to be ordered separately.
Single pull-out
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Art No WLL
L 1 max. Type Beam length - L1 Min. (m) Beam length - L1 Max. (m) Weight
13.4065-02503400 2.5 3,390 Duplex 2,5 3,6 4,8 159
13.4065-06003400 6 3,420 Duplex 6 3,6 4,8 199
13.4065-10003400 10 3,465 Duplex 10 3,7 4,9 279
13.4065-20003400 20 3,485 Duplex 20 3,7 4,9 492
The WLL stated in the table is based on a maximum top swing angle og 90°.

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