The self balancing crane fork is especially handy for handling pallets with tower cranes and other wire rope cranes. The advantage is that the crane fork hangs automatically in the right balance both unloaded and loaded without any handling.

  • Warning: The minimun load must be 15-20% of the WLL.
PG 100-2 SSB SBL illu
PG 100-2 SSB SBL dwg
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Part Code WLL
Type A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) H (mm) I (mm) K (mm) Weight
13.30201201002 2 PG 100/2 SSB SBL (Pipe forks) 970 400-950 200-750 40 1.270-1.900 1,700 2,330 500 160
13.30201201005 3 PG 120/3 SSB SBL (Solid forks) 970 460-950 220-710 40 1.320-2.010 1,895 2,585 600 260
Forks of 1.170 mm are also available, suitable for the last type, mentioned at the bottom.
We also manufacture special forks on request.

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