General: Light and compact fall arrest block that provide the maximum in functional safety and durability. The spring return is very small, weighing just 1.5 kg. The housing is manufactured from break-proof ABS plastic. The interior is made of saltwater-proof aluminium. The carabiner is equipped with a fall indicator. The cable is 5 mm thick and made of steel. The maintenance costs are low and the professional inspection, required annually, can take place without opening the device. The devices are also approved for horizontal use according to RFU. Use energy absorber L-0005-F-HSG as accessory for horizontal use.

  • Marking: Supplier symbol, product id, art no, serial no, production year, standards, max. load, CE.
  • Temperature range: -35ºC to +45ºC.
  • Standard: EN 360
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Art No Size Max. number of persons Weight
19.07HSG-002-3 3 1 2.41
19.07HSG-002-4 4 1 2.51
19.07HSG-002-5 5 1 2.6
19.07HSG-002-6 6 1 3.37
19.07HSG-002-8 8 1 3.57
19.07HSG-002-10 10 1 3.77
19.07HSG-002-15 15 1 7.05

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