General: A solid safety harness for rope access that impresses through many improvements in ergonomics and usability with very high wearing comfort. In developing this special safety harness in V-design, great importance was attached to ergonomic adjustments and optimum freedom of movement. The extremely flexible leg joint is a major contributor to this achievement. The retaining eyelets adapted to the body shape cling perfectly to the hip in folded and unfolded state. In addition, the anatomically shaped leg and hip padding ensures that no pressure points develop when sitting in the safety harness even during long working days. This makes the IGNITE ARGON a true comfort miracle. Can be hand washed up to 40°C.
Perfectly adjustable safety harness for rope access:
· Anatomically shaped padding for maximum wearing comfort
· Chest eyelet for belay, but also for rescue
· Optimal freedom of movement without pressure points
Attachment points: Dorsal, sternal, pole strap, seat

  • Marking: Supplier symbol, product id, size/length, production date, reference no, serial no, CE.
  • Temperature range: -35ºC to +45ºC.
  • Standard: EN 358 + EN 361 + EN 813
  • Breast D-ring
  • Work positioning D-ring
  • Rear / dorsal D-ring
  • Suspension D-ring
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Art No Size Max rated load (kg) Max. number of persons Size/Waist size (mm) Weight
19.02G-1133-XS-M XS/M 140 1 800-1200 2.71
19.02G-1133-M-XXL M/XXL 140 1 900-1300 2.82
19.02G-1133-XXL-5XL XXL/5XL 140 1 1000-1500 2.93

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