General: Lifting-belt-slings for heavy loads up to 100 tons.

For heavy loads up to 100 tons
With the lifting belt slings from LIFT-TEX you can lift loads of up to 100 tons. This truly outstanding development is based on a manufacturing technology with a construction allowing a larger lifting area of the belt with shortened soft eyes. Guaranteed double service life.

Guaranteed double service life
The core is protected by a highly abrasion and cut resistant protection sleeve. This double the service life of normal lifting slings.

Lifting belt slings and lifting mat slings
The new LIFT-TEX lifting belt slings are available in width up to 300mm and the lifting mat slings for pipelines in width up to 900 mm. Slings are made with two soft, reinforced eyes on each end for easy crane hook handling. Special abrasion resistant cut protection sleeves are in additionally available in the required length.

Standard type:
Protection sleeves: in addition to the standard types, or seperately as replacement in required length (full length) available.
Working length: From 2 m up to 50 m.

Always apply and use extra protections to protect the sling from sharp edges, abrasion, wear and tear, due to the shape of the boat (keel & side).
Contact CERTEX for further information.

  • Material: 100% High Tenacity Polyester (core and cover).
  • Marking: Label in a reinforced plastic seal.
  • Standard: EN 1492-1
  • Safety factor: 7:1.
Heavy Boat lift
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Art No WLL
Colour Width (mm) Eye length (mm) CAD
12.30LBS01000XXX 1 Violet 60-100 500
12.30LBS02000XXX 2 Green 60-100 500
12.30LBS03000XXX 3 Yellow 60-100 500
12.30LBS04000XXX 4 Grey 120-150 500
12.30LBS05000XXX 5 Red 120-150 700
12.30LBS06000XXX 6 Brown 180-200 700
12.30LBS08000XXX 8 Blue 180-200 700
12.30LBS10000XXX 10 Orange 240-260 700
12.30LBS15000XXX 15 Orange 240-260 700
12.30LBS20000XXX 20 Orange 350-400 700
12.30LBS25000XXX 25 Orange 350-400 700
12.30LBS30000XXX 30 Orange 350-400 700
12.30LBS40000XXX 40 Orange 450-500 700
12.30LBS50000XXX 50 Orange 450-500 700

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