General: The GKS worldwide approved transport trolleys solving your in-house heavy load standards - safe and perfect! Series F and L – the perfect 3-point moving solution for safe and simple transport. F trolleys – the rear axle of the load moving system with adjustable connecting bar to fit under heavy loads of almost any width. L trolleys – the front steering support with swivel top and tow eye to guide your loads safely. Wheels - special GKS wheels, that do not mark floors. Low rolling resistance and highest stability for numerous uses.

L9/F9 set:

  • Standard transport set for heavy loads up to 18tons.
  • Can be combined with Tandem trolleys TL6/TL12 or rotating trolleys RL2 / RL4 / RL6

Contact us for more possibilities! Sets available up to 120t.

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Art No Type Loading height (mm) Contact surface (mm) Single load (tons) Wheels dia (mm) l9-f9 total cap. (tons) Number of wheels (pcs) adjustable (mm) Swivel plate dia. (mm) l x w (mm) Swivel plate steerable at Steering rod (mm) Weight
16.99GKSF09 Rear, stationary 110 320x200 9 85x85 18 12 840-1230 43
16.99GKSL09 Front, steerable 110 9 85x85 18 12 170 840 x 583 ca. 90° 1,080 59

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