Application instructions:
Be sure that surfaces to be protected are cleaned and oil free.
Select the NoSpray format applicable to your installation, and with adhesive film in place, cut with scissors as follows:

For pipe and joints: Use NoSpray Tape and allow overlap of 50% each turn.

For valves, flanges and other irregular shaped equipment: Use NoSpray sheet and cut one piece:
Length to wrap 2 layes thick around surface to be protected.
Width to be enough to completely cover bolts and overlap onto connecting pipe at least 100 mm.

Special care must be taken where a device such as a valve is connected to the pipe being wrapped. In this case, the NoSpray tape must be wrapped around the attached device as well as the pipe.

When using NoSpray sheet, apply NoSpray tape on the top of the Sheet overlapping 50% to secure the NoSpray Sheet.

Format x 10 mtr.:
35 mm, 50 mm, 140 mm, 250 mm, 500 mm, 1.000 mm.
Total thickness: 9,5 mil.

Temp. range: Up to 150°C.
Pressure: 300psi.
Tensile strength: 93,2 Lbs pr. inch.
Adhesion to steel: 5,8 Lbs. pr. inch.
Ageing properties: Indefinite shelf life when properly stored.
Storage ideal conditions: 70°F at 50% relative humidity.

  • Finish: Silver.
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Part Code Length (m) Width (mm) Rolls box CAD
99.DK56NOSPRAY1000 10 1 1
99.DK56NOSPRAY140 10 140 7
99.DK56NOSPRAY250 10 250 4
99.DK56NOSPRAY35 10 35 28
99.DK56NOSPRAY50 10 50 20
99.DK56NOSPRAY500 10 500 2

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