With Water Weights we can test structures up to thousands of ton
The method is flexible and can be performed both onshore and offshore

Water weights - load tests | © Certex Peter Harbo A/S

Test of lifting beams, cranes and other lifting equipment

Test of structures up to thousands of ton. With a range of bags designed to test everything from cranes to flightdecks and from bridges to lifeboats. We have the solution for virtually every load testing challenge. Water is the ideal resource for testing all types of lifting equipment and load-bearing structures – it’s available everywhere. That means that with our systems, you only have to transport and store light, flexible material. Our bags typically weigh less than 2% of achievable load – the other 98% is locally-sourced water. The technology is simple, safe and adaptable, which means you can deploy it practically anywhere – indoor and out, on- and offshore, at your home base or on the other side of the planet.

Watch our "State of the art testing" video

First in the world

In our test tower we perform tests with the latest technology and 3D laser measurement

Test bench 1,200 ton

In our 1,200 ton test bench we perform video documented pull tests up to 1.200 ton and breaking tests up to 900 ton

50 ton test tower

We perform load testing of all kinds of equipment in our vertical test tower - up to 50 ton