We offer a wide range of lifting equipment for rental

20 ton chain hoist | © Certex Peter Harbo A/S

Having the right equipment is important

Rental enables you to have temporary access to a complete set-up of lifting tools, convenient for project based operations. We know that it is crucial to have temporary access to a large set of lifting equipment ready for use and adapted to the different phases of projects.

Rigging loft

Based on your needs and specifications we pack a container and make sure it is on site in time with all equipment in ready to use condition.

Our range of rental equipment include:

  • Pneumatic, electric and hydraulic winches in various sizes
  • Manual chain- and lever hoists
  • Electric, pneumatic and hydraulic chain hoists
  • Snatch and crane blocks
  • Shackles in all sizes
  • Water Weight bags
  • Loadcells
  • Equipment on request